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Psychic Telephone Readings

Our most popular service offering flexible options to talk to experienced psychics, mediums and clairvoyants 24 hours a day.
All our psychics are experienced and so understand not only the quality of service required but also what you as a customer should expect; empathy and empowerment.
Free will is constant during your life decisions and our readers use a range of psychic methods to read the energy around a situation. You have a choice on the type of reading you will receive

  • Psychic
  • Channelling
  • Empaths
  • Tarot Card Readers
  • Energy Card Readers
How does a telephone reading work?
It’s your choice on how much information to divulge to a reader although most will ask for a name and or date of birth.
Open Reading
Your chosen psychic will read for you in an open-ended way. Requesting an open reading can lead the reading in any direction and so it’s up to you to converse if you want to direct the conversations to receive the guidance you wish for.
You can request guidance on any subject and once again it’s your choice on how much you want to discuss or interact with the psychic. As each psychic has their own style, you may find some are conversationalists which some will prefer to read in a more one-way fashion.
You have nothing to fear in any circumstance and please communicate with the reader at any stage where you’d like more clarity.

Pay on your phone
This is the simplest and quickest option Call 844 247 8237

Pay by Credit card
Call 844 247 8236 or Click here to Book Online

Calls cost $2.50 per/min + Your phone providers access charge. More from mobiles. Calls recorded, 18+, Entertainment only. SP

Emailed Psychic Readings

Here at Readings by Psychics, our in-house Psychic Jas Bassi delivers our email readings and remote healing service. There is also an additional team of experienced psychic email readers to occasionally assist.
Whilst speaking to a psychic is by far our most popular option, from our research and feedback, the advantages of an email reading are:

  • A private and secure process means you can write your thoughts and receive a reading without the need to interact. With sensitive issues this can be a gentle introduction to speaking to a psychic.
  • Your email can be saved and referenced in the future. Sections of a reading such as dates and specifics of a reading can be revisited for reassurance.

You can find out specific ordering instructions including sample questions on the Psychic Email Order Page.
Order a Single question psychic reading here, and a multiple question psychic reading here.

Remote Healing

For those that would like to know more about a remote healing click here.
Our in-house Healer; Jas Bassi will perform a healing on you based on the details you supply within the form. You will receive either a telephone call or a short email summary to discuss the process and actions our healer completed as part of your order.
In the case of a healing we may occasionally contact you for additional information to ensure the process is completed optimally.

What can a healing do?

  • Clear negative energy
  • Improve the energy around a situation
  • Clear a location e.g. house (more details will be requested)

Healings are commonly recommended by our psychics. When you’ve had a reading, our psychics will know the benefits a healing can achieve.
Order a Remote Healing here

SMS/Text Readings

Our SMS readings are delivered by our in-house psychic team. Advantages of a text message reading are:

  • Speed
    • Responses are quick and to the point
  • Ease
    • Simply text RBP and your message to 78887 from your mobile or smartphone
  • Cost
    • The cheapest psychic reading option on the website at $2.50 per message

As the amount of characters in text messages is limited, for detailed explanations we recommend a telephone of emailed reading.

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I would wholeheartedly recommend the website to anyone in need of guidance.


Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

You’re absolutely spot on about me changing loads, and I am still trying to change things about myself that I really felt I ought to. I really needed some reassurance that I’m on the right path and you have given me exactly that.


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